this morning i went to my ex-father-in-law's funeral. i got to see people that i haven't seen in years. my ex was there as well and he stayed in his own little corner while i mingled with my past relatives. it was kinda fun to see him squirm. my kids have lost two of their grandpas since mothers day.
  well today i took my algebra test and i know that i didn't do very well, but she gives partial credit so i put anything even if it was a formula. so hopefully i will at least pass the test. all i can say is right now i just hope that i pass the class. my son has been using my car for the last few days because theirs is pretty dead. my dad is helping them into getting a used car. my daughters ex's apartment got flooded and he is staying with me while he has to be out of there. i find it quite interesting that he doesn't want to go home and feels at home with me. who's the better mother now???They may steal my granddaughter, but don't give a crap about him. seems stupid huh? well that is the news for the day...good night to all...  8^)



I am sorry about the loss. Families are funny things, really! I do not understand the ties that occur at all. My ex was in better grace with my mother as my mother thought that she was a saint as she took such \"good\" care of me as I was so ill ffor so long. After my ex moved back into the house, she sent my mother a Mother\'s Day card, calling her all sorts of heinous things. Were my ex more clever, she would have kept that relationship going for other purposes that would have been helpful to her. Well, my mother and I are no longer speaking or in any kind of a relationship at all. She will die soon I don\'t care to know at all.

Good luck on your test and, hopefully, the formulas will help you out.

Yes, funny about relationships. I know all too well . . .