Ever feel like your alone in a room full of people? That sums up most of my days, i have people who support me and always will, but I guess i feel like i have to try and hide my pain. I don't want my kids to see me like this, i use to be strong, I used to be the rock that others would go to. Now im withdrawn and alone in my own little room of pain locked away in my mind.
     I feel like my health has taken from me everything but the people around me. I used to pride myself on being the hardest worker, now i cant even do the dishes without being in excruciating pain. I used to draw, but ive lost the ability to do that as well. I hate my cane, I avoid my wheelchair like the plague.
     I dont know.......i just dont know...



Caleb your definitely not alone. I feel that way alot myself. Today I\'m having to use my walker just to get to the bathroom. I have a wheelchair too. I feel like people talk bad about me when I use it. My daughter would say mom you don\'t need to use that just walk it off. Then I start to feel guilty like no matter how bad the pain is I should be walking and give my wheelchair to someone who really needs it. Haha
Sorry for the rant. I just want you to know I understand and I\'m here if you ever want to talk.
Healing hugs, Marci