Well, I was able to resist the Black Friday goodies. To tell the truth, I think I alresdy have all the electronic gizmos that I need.
Everybody in the house has had some sort of bad cold lately and they have finally passed it along to me. So far it's not too bad so maybe this bout will be mild. It has put a crimp into my wallyworld walks though. I hope so. Don;t want to awaken the sleeping monster.
It;s supposed to be very cold this week so maybe that's not too bad to be housebound nursing a cold.But good or bad, at home I shall be for the next day or so.
Stay warm,



Hope by now you are feeling better and able to resume your walking routine. I discovered a Meijer\'s here in Chicagoland. How exciting. I love Meijer\'s. It predates Wallyworld by some years I would think. I lived in Lansing, MI when I first discovered it and nothing has compared since then. What a find! :-) Do hope you feel better. I\'ve had numerous colds and flus too. Awful!