My pulmonologist visit went well as expected. All went well. I mentioned to the pulm that I was to see the g.i. doctor in October and that doctor  wanted to why I was on protonix. He said he may want to scope the upper tract. The nurse parctitioner told me to be sure to tell  him to call the ENT doctor first because my airway doesn't act right. (I have VCD as well as cough variant asthma) That seems like a good idea. Don't want him to be surprised during a procedure. After that, then we'll schedule a colonoscopy and I should then have been checked from one end to the other.Then in November it's back to the neurologist's . Busy, busy, busy.  My new insurance starts in October but I haven't received my new card yet. I hope it shows up soon. It's going to get quite a work out.Other than that, nothing much happening. Doing a little reading,  watching some baseball, and going for my walks.  Hope all are well,Tom