3/30/2007 It has been a while since I have made a journal entry. There's a reason for this. I'm doing OK currently. I have reached a plateau where, if I'm quiet, my asthma doesn't bother me much. I guess that means that my jet setting is curtailed for a bit. Lindsay and Paris and the rest will have to make the rounds without me for a time. (they seem to be doing OK at this without me) It's a little strange that all the big time partiers nowadays are girls. The last hollywood bad boy I know of is Russell Crowe.... and he seems to have toned it down some. Even the geriatric playboy Mick Jagger admits he can't party all night anymore before a performance. (say it ain't so Mick!)I guess we guys will have to just sit back and watch the ladies go at it...(Did Lindsay just slug Hilary... and her sister?)  They are keeping the tabloids busy. It makes me feel a bit old. Where'e Sean Penn when we need him?  Probably at home...like me. Be well,Tom