2/1/2008It's amazing how age changes your perspective. Take today for example. We received a winter gift of 8 inches of snow overnight. When I was kid I would see it and say "OG (Oh goody) it snowed and I GET to go out in it!"  Nowadays I say "OG (OH GOD) it snowed and I HAVE to go out in it!" Even a few years (OK, decades) ago it was just a minor setback. Though I was never particularly fond of shoveling snow off of my driveway I could handle it without too much difficulty. Today I had to quit after clearing (sort of) just 1 small section of my driveway.  Now I just sit here waiting for some enterprising kid to do it. $25 is a small price to pay to avoid the ER.I may not have much luck though. Kids are not as motivated as they once were. Oh well, if worse comes to worst I am well supplied and will hole up til spring...or at least until the thaw predicted for this weekend.Stay warm,Tom