Okay this is my second. I wrote a bunch of good stuff and then my breaker blew and lost it all. I was saying that this is my first day signed up with this site. I thought it was a Christian site, because I found it by typing in 'Christian support groups' on the Bing search engine. I am not so sure though. I don't see any treatments that talk about what God can and is doing in people's lives.
So i hope no one gets affended by my words of faith and scriptures i post. :)



It is really neat that you built your own cabin. There seems to be all kinds of different people here on D.S., I for one would love to read words of faith and scriptures you post. Some may not like it but this is your journal and you can write about anything you want.and the ones who do not like that don\'t have to read it or be your friend but I am sure many people would like that and would find it helpful to read.