Feeling a little sad this morning, thinking about my Adrianna it has been me and my baby for two and a half years and now I feel like im cheating on her,she loves other children and when we leave a place were other children r she seems sad so in many ways im happy that she will have her own sister to live with her play with her she does have my step daughter but there is such an age gap and she is no longer staying with us full time so it has been hard on Adrianna I just remember how it was when I gave birth to Adri she was the main focus and I don't want my baby to feel left out or abandoned when her sister is born maybe its the pregnancy hormones I dont know it just worries me a bit but I know that im not the first nor the last parent to become a mother of two so that does bring me comfort knowing that women before have made it,so we will be just fine I never forget what it took for me to get here and I know that I am truly blessed and highly favored!