Miss Adrianna is doing wonderful the last few weeks have been a little hard on her she had four new teeth trying to come in all at one time but things are much better now and she has three new teeth to show for all the hard work and her Doctor said that the last back molar should come down any day now so that would bring her up to ten teeth in all Adri has gotten so big she in now 32 inches and 25lbs I have taken tons of new pics of her but every time I try to post them to my page it doesn't work but she is so pretty she has lost almost all of her baby fat and she is taller and her hair is getting so long my little baby is now a big girl she can now say the first five letters and she can count to 3 she learns so fast all I have to do is find a way to put it in a song and sing it a few times and she picks it right up and when ever she does something naughty and we tell her stop and she does we have to clap and say yay it's so cute LOLĀ I'm doing really well I have lost five more pounds which brings me up to 23lbs and I can really see and feel the difference I'm still having a hard time trying to work out but I'm hoping that after all the summer active slow down I will find the time my blood pressure is finally under control thank god for that and my suger levels are great still not ready to try for a baby yet but I'm getting closer I have to have a sleep study done in a few weeks and my doctor wants me to have a MRI done for some numbness that I have been having and I hoping that after all my test come back we can start trying so I'm hoping sept. or Oct.