I'm looking forward to the weekend I have not seen my step-daughter since our trip to Canada my husband is off the whole weekend and I'm really looking forward to spending some family time with him and my girls I think we may bake some cookies or a cake for Sunday dinner I love watching Shanise and Adrianna play together it is so cute I can't wait for Shanise to see how fast Adri can crawl now Adri is really balancing good now and she is crusing along everything and getting into everything she is clapping now waving all the time she does not like to be told no and is trying me often she also loves to pass out when she can't have her way what am I going to do with my crazy little tinker doodle  For the first time in forever I don't have my tree up not only do I not have my tree up there is no sign of Christmas in my house I have not started to shop or anything I have been feeling under the weather and my husband has been working long hours so nothing is getting done since this weekend is family weekend the next weekend will be shopping and somewhere between this weekend and next weekend I need to find a try when we were packing for the move to the new house I toss out the old tree so we have to start new I really wanted a fresh tree but with Adrianna trying to walk and crawling every where I don't think that is such a good idea I getting ready to turn in for the night have a great weekend all and sticky baby dust to my ttc friends!!!