Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Becoming a Mother is the most wonderful thing that has ever happen to me the birth of Adrianna was shocking hard joyful and a labor of love Friday when I went in for my appoinment there was no change in my cervix but because I was over due the hooked me up to check her heart rate and movement she wasn't moving that great so they wanted me to go over to L&D to be check out over there my doctor said that she thought that it was nothing and that the baby was sleeping but that she wanted me to come in on Sunday at 5pm to start the induction I was shocked but happy so I go over to the hospital and she was just fine but my blood pressure was 163/103 so they keep me and said if it went down the would let me go home until Sunday so I went to the bathroom and my musus plug came out then when I got hooked up to the machine my contraction were coming 6 mins apart and I could not feel a thing so my blood pressure lower through the day but not enough for me to come home so Saturday morning it was down and my doctor said that I could go home or I could stay and start the induction so we stay we started cyrvadil around 8am I had to lay flat on my back for two hours then I could walk around and 12 hours later I would start the second dose my contractions pick up to every two mins quickly by 4pm the cyrvadil had to come out the baby's heart wasn't able to rest between contraction but I was 2cm at this point my doctor was leaving for the night she said not to have the baby before church if I was going to have her please do it during the night or after church we had a good laugh so I contracted on my own all night around 7am Sunday the head of ob comes in checks says that I'm the same that my doctor wants my water broke and internal moitors put in mind you I have no pain relief at all it hurt so bad it felt like I was going to ripe in to so after my water is broke I could no longer get up that's when the problems started all my pain is on the left said at this point and they want me on my left because her heart rate was dipping by the way they started pitocin after they broke my water then they put oxygen on me my doctor comes in right before church and lets me know that everything is under control and that she would take over after church and let me know that I was in good hands so about two hours later everythings starts to go mad nurses the head doctor every one rushing in and out I had one final exam I was still two 70% thinned out and -1 that was it the pain from them checking me was worst the the contractions I wanted an epdurial so I get one and I can feel everything my legs toes everything so an hour later I get another one the same thing I start to flip at this point it's around 2pm and I can feel that samething is wrong because there seems to always be a nurse in my room now my phone rings at 2:30 and it's my doctor she is calling me from her cellphone to let me know that she is on her way and that the baby heart rate is going up and down she lets me know that she has giving me enough pitocin to bring down a 10 pound  baby so I asked are you giving me a section and she says yes and I said thank god please get her out now she told me the were already setting up the ER and the I would be in the OR at 3pm I told my husband he called his mom I called my family and we were off I was scared about the spinal but it worked as soon as she put it in I could feel some pressure but thats all I wanted to close my eyes but my husband wouldn't let me he just held my hand and said please don't close your eyes so after a while the doctor told him to stand up and I heard her say o my god this baby is sucking my finger then I felt her pulling a little more and then she says Allison this baby was't coming natural no matter what we did then she was out and I heard the doctor say she is peeing all over me like a little boy and then my husband left my side to see her all I keep saying is why isn't she crying why isn't my baby crying then all of a sudden she lets out the loudest cry I have ever heard wow I was a mommie everyone was saying this is a big baby after that everything was foggy and I was in and out of sleep when I came out of the OR and was being wheeled into recovery I saw my family and that is when I found out that she was 8lbs 11oz I was so shocked we thought that she would be 7lbs if we were lucky my doctor was just as shocked as we were breast feeding is going wonderful no problems at all I have been really sick with a fever on a off blood pressures that are up and down and I lost a lot of blood when my daughter was born so I have to take iron pills three times a day now but it was a well worth it on the plus side I have already lost 15lbs I love being a mother I have to ran it's to to feed Adrianna!!!