My goodness I had tons of fun last night my family went bowling  and we took all the kids and then we stopped and got food on the way home last night it was so fun I didn't go to bed utnil 2am my sister stayed the night last night and when she left I felt sad this morning not because she was leaving but becasue it made me think of the 31st and that is the day that she leaves for Japan and I know that I will not see her for two years I feel like crying already and my sister always say not to cry every year it  makes them all sad and I try to hold it in for the kids smiley-cry.gif but I do not think I'm going to be able to help it this year when I see my sister again my baby will be walking and talking and that is really sad for me to think about I feel so sad now I'm going to take a napsmiley-cry.gifsmiley-cry.gifsmiley-cry.gif