Today is a good day I am proud of myself.  I don't know if the name of the community will get changed but Dr.  O said that the main people from DS are discussing the issue.  The community that I am refering to is Meth Addiction. Thats it thats all it's called is Meth Addiction. I think the name of the community scares off more people than it helps. She is trying to talk to the main people of the site to get it changed to Meth Addiction & Recovery sounds logical right? Well I think that it is just a negative name for a community.  I don't refer to myself as an addict anymore.  I don't fit the description of an addict anyways.  I know that I have a disease that tells my brain to get drugs before normal pleasure receptors, but thats why I plan on being in recovery my whole life.  I hope that when it gets changed it will be more approachable to the normal public.  She said that they are discussing changing all the Addiction groups to Addiction & Recovery.  If it happens I am so proud of myself.  I think it will help more people and as paranoid as someone in recovery already is at least they will see the light out of all the darkness.  Well I am going to go walk on the treadmill.  Hope everyone is doing well..--Nick