The first load of stuff went to the new house. The bathrooms, kitchen, and living room are mostly situated. We just need to move bedrooms, computers, plants, pets and people, but we have another week of things to do here at old-home before we can fully transition to new-home.

Making two trips wasn't especially cost effective, but it will help us with the tradition (physically and emotionally) and you can't really put a price on that.

There has been some push back from the kids as fears and anxiety have surfaced, but I think my daughter is working through it better than my son. I wish he would be a little more flexible, but he's always been rigid and unmoving, even as a tiny kiddo.

Moving is exhausting.



So you obviously decided to go forward with the move. How far from origional home? Did you find a buyer or are you renting old house out?

How do you feel about the move? Hopefully it can represent a new beginning.

A little over three hours away. Definitely a new beginning. Some good things, some great things, some sad things. Change is always hard for me, but now that we\'ve committed and started to move forward, it feels more and more right.

As far as the \"old\" house... it\'s complicated. It\'s still on the market and there has been a constant stream of folks looking at it, but no offers, as of yet. We have begun the process to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure - just in case the house doesn\'t sell.

And on we go...