Everything has been going really good lately. I met his parents....they are wonderful! And im pretty sure they liked me. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and i think i am starting to really love him. It scares me to death....idk if its a good feeling or bad. And i dont know if I can really let myself love someone again or if I should. I havent told him I loved him...... i know he has strong feelings for me but idk if they are as strong as mine. Should I tell him first..... or should I just not say anything? Not saying anything kinda helps keep myself guarded but at the same time its just killing me.... i want to just scream it to the world. Its a different kind of love than I had for my ex. Its crazy.... i see him everyday but during the day when i dont see him....i miss him. Sounds dumb to me but class started today so i didnt get to see him as much as usual and i realized that i couldnt wait to see him or talk to him. I hate this feeling really.....but dont kno if i should embrace it or hide it. Should i just grow up and tell him????