20 miles down, 6.2 to go

This was probably my most unconventional Thanksgiving ever.  I slept in and then went for a 20-mile run while our beautiful daughter made an entire Thanksgiving meal!  I've never met a 12-year-old who wanted to (and could) make an entire holiday meal, but she did.  She credits you with much of her culinary skill---as she should.  I know you are probably laughing right now thinking that she sure as heck didn't get the skills from me.  We ended the night playing board games including LIFE.  Mine was a little too true-to-life---at the end I had a car overflowing with kids :-)  I'm missing you like crazy and struggle to get motivated to celebrate the holidays, but the kids help a lot.  They are what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving.  And, of course, I am always grateful for the gift God gave me when he brought you into my life.
Cody called today and he has decided to drive down to SC to cheer me on in the marathon in 2 weeks.  Isn't that awesome? Well done raising that one, hon.  He is so much like you and I can't help but smile when I see you in his face or mannerisms.  It will be fun to spend some time with him.
Thanks for staying by my side for the past 18 months. I can't tell you how much I wish you were here physically, but I am thankful for all the ways you find to continually impact my life.  You're definitely one of a kind and I'm one lucky girl for finding you in a most unlikely place at a most unlikely time.  I know it was no coincidence, just as I know I will see you again one day.  Until then, know that I love you as much as ever and miss you every day.