2 year old, loses arm, in farm accident.

OMGAt 3:10pm this afternoon, Richard had just left with the car, when the phone rang, it was my daughter in law Tina, James my son's wife.She was crying, saying that there was an accident.I asked her immediately, not Richard since he had just left.My son lives on the top of the next hill, here not far from my home.Like I can see the big Farm where he lives, from my home.Anyways, she proceeded telling me, that my son had just came in, in shock,the 2 year old son of his boss, where he was doing the chores,in the barn, had just got his arm caught in the big fan at the end of the barn.The mother was also working in the barn, and the toddler was walking around I guess.You know those farmers, never think that farm accident can ever happened to their own, but in this case, it did.My son lives in the maternal home of these good people who owns the big farm and the surrounding fields around the area, on the opposite side of my road.Anyways, the parents didn't wait for the ambulance, they grabbed the kid,and the arm and left for the nearest hospital,where they air lifted the child, to the Ste Justine Children Hospitalin Montreal, Quebec.This is an absolute tragedy.My Richard just came back from work, and had called JP the father of the child, to see if he needed him to go and help my son and the young guy, Jason, who saw the young boy stuck in the fan.So it's probably a family member who answered the cell phone,so he offered to help at the farm and for JP to call him back, but Richard is already gone to see my sonat the farm.I should get an update soon.Will keep you posted.Please say a prayer for this young innocent child.I've lite up a candle here, and we are praying that they will be able to re-attached his arm.Thank you,MckenzieOne day at the time.********************************************************* ps: James my son saw his best friend burnt to 98% of his body, with fourth & fifth degree burns when a fire broke lose in 1995.His friend, whom had lived with us for the past 5 years of his life.They had just moved into their own appartments in a building, the month before, when on the 26th of December, the day the fire occured.My now ex husband didn't want either of us, James my son, and I to go see him in the Grand Bruler in Montreal,a hospital for burnt victim.JY had no more skin, he was burnt to the muscles.No more hair, ears, fingers, he was not recognisable.41 days later, we both decided against my ex husband's orders, to go and see him.The next morning at 7am, he passed away.The RN had told us that he could hear us, as long as we spoke very loud.He followed us with his blue eyes, in his hospital room.He was laying in a hamack.He had turned 20 years old during his last 42 days in the hospital.I guess he just wanted to make sure that my son, his best friend, James had not parished in the fire, that cold cold December morning, in 1995.I hope my son is ok, Richard is with him now, finishing the work at his bosses farm.Thanks for letting me vent away, we are all very much affected about his tragic episode.