2 weeks and about to fall apart

  Im about to loose it.  We have 10 days and I cant keep myself together.  I want this little baby here. I m so scared that we will not bring him home. Everything has been good up to this point.  He has decided to not move much today which is making me a nervous wreck.  I have checked on the monitor about 5 times today and its only 2:00 pm and his heartbeat is good and strong.     I just want the dr to tell me lets go deliver him. I feel like 10 days is like 10 years. I know the days will get here soon enough but I just cant seem to get good thoughts in my head.  Im a horrible mess.   God please let this baby get here healthy and alive. Please     Wyatt mommy loves you and misses you everyday and if you could please help mommy get your brother here.