2 days Holiday

I had yesterday off and now have my usual weekend. Yay!
We had a swim yesterday-well I did-Ivan had a paddle... Arnie is such a good little dog he tried to come with me but doesnt like being out of his depth.
Stayed up late bing bonging from 4.30 till after 12. Lots of chat with Joe re our plan.
I need to look at Plan B =going it alone. Then I cant lose. Much rather go with him though.
We'll see. Only about 575 days to go!.
mmmm bit tired. its 630 and went to sleep at 12.30....6 hrs is one too few.
Had  a good chat with Aurore last night.
I feel so good its amazing.
How come? Is it the prozac or is it getting on so well with Ivan? or is it having my trip to plan and look forward to? or a combination of all these plusses?
Long may it lastI say!
I am going to really focus on my Astrology and get better at it. Need to focus for at least an hour a day. Concentrate on my chart and then look at others...I want to write a book on Careeer Planning and Astrology.
Other peole write books-why not me too?
Where is Oma-seems to have disappeared.
Need to send him an email, if I have his address...i facebooked him.
Kyra hasn't heard from him either
All is good this morning...now I get back to chatting with whoever is around