1st wedding anniversary without the person I married

July 23, 2002 was one of the happiest days of my life, I married the love of my life. I married the man I was born to spend my life with. Today, July 23, 2011 is a very sad day. I spent this day, what should have been my 9th wedding anniversary without the love of my life, without the man I was born to spend my life with.
At 1:00pm today, the same time I said "I do" 9 yrs ago, I released some balloons into the air, sending my love to Jim. I tried to be as happy as I could today and for the most part, I was successful, now that night is setting in, I am getting that overwhelming sadness that creeps in when the sun sets. I want so badly to touch his face, to hear his voice, to see him smile.
I miss him more than words will ever express, EVER! I am sad, so very sad.