after thinking about things, i hae nothing to complain about.
i have a wonderful family, and lots of love and my children are wonderful and at times they can be a handful.
i have running water, power, gas and a car, cable,new tv, it's sits on the wall,internet, games,consoles. and other things,which we take for granted each day.
i'm able to leave and go to places throughout the state, driving, and camping where ever.
we have free medical, good payments from gov, they need to be higher with the cost of living going up, transport is cheap as,
we are lucky here in aust.
i have a good life compared to other people in the world, if i want chocolate cake, i can, if i want a soda i can,if i want fresh fruit i can. while other people live off the land and little to eat, little shelther and stuggle each day, even if they are in pain they still have to work, unlike us, where the gov gives us money to stay at home and be looked after.
i have clean clothes every day and a choice on what to wear,
next time i am down i will look at this and this will help.
i'm lucky to have such wonderful family and friends, and i wish i had more time with friends, but that happens when they are at school.
hope you have a wonderful pain free day and a wonderful nights sleep.



You certainly have it better there than here in the US. I think it\'s a shame we who are disabled must beg for help, maybe getting a place to live and some ending up on the street.

Most of our homeless have mental illness, are veterans or old and frail and so many are in need of medical care.

You are blessed.

I absolutely agree with Rosetaz 100%.If you lived here in the U.S.A you most certainly would not have things that good. My wif and I live only on our Social Security and Medicare. Medicare (part D) only pays 80% of our medical bills and that is after a &1,00 deductible. Besides that they take out of what they pay us on our Social Security over $100 to pay for what they call part B. And on top of that they make us take out insurance for our medications. This insurance only pays a certain amount for the meds and the insurance it\'s self costs us a way over $100 for the insurance for the both of us. If you have to go to the hospital you have to pay a $1,000 deducyable before your part B kicks in. Part B is the part where you have to go to the hospital.

What Rosetaz said above about most of our homeless have mental illness are veterans of the war or old and frail and most are in desperate need of medical or dental care.

If a person is not 65 years old and not able to be on Social Security and Medicare. Well you are just on your own if you can\'t afford your own insurance whitch is so expensieve most poor or lower middle class can\'t afford anyway.

You really should be thankful that your government is a humanitarian one! You sure are lucky to live in Austailia.

My wif and I considered moving to Auatailia back in the 1960\'s when the Austrailain government was wanting technical people to come there. I certainly wish we had!!!!!

Joey, have you checked to see if your state Medicaid will pay your part B? My x didn\'t know his income was low enough to get the state to pay it. You can get this in LA even if your income is too high for any other Medicaid. If you can get this you could use the money to pay for a supplemental policy--my x had Humana and it covered everything not paid by Medicare--he didn\'t pay anything for doctors, hospitals, or tests in over 14 years.

we do have homeless problem with kids who run away from home and unable to get ss. to help them out, as they need a address or ss wont pay.
we have people with mental illness and the gov gives them housing within 21 days, which is good and if your homeless with family it\'s 2 months and they help getting you back on your feet.
the gov has build 1000\'s of housing for them, cheap.
the pension here is good, while, on ss you get your $5.60 meds and the drs by adding more on, so you dont have to pay extra.
once you hit $322 your medication is free.
we are lucky,
joey wished you did come over, you would have loved here.
by the way the gov is pushing again for more workers,so if anyone wants to work here, theirs work.alot of work wanted in the bush.

We sure are....I have a young friend (17) in the States who is worried about the cost of her meds to her family.......... her dad works 14 hour days and still they struggle. Our minimum adult wage is double what it is there and while a lot are on that I think if they are careful they should manage.

Yes we ARE the Lucky Country as was stated back in the 60\'s. Then I didn\'t really believe it but now I certainly do.

BTW here if you are homeless with a family they will put you up in a morel or somewhere until a place becomes available.
Pensioners can get finance for things like white goods. TVs and cars.

My mum brought up my three siblings on a pension and while she had to be frugal they never went hungry or without clothes or shoes.

Life is good and wish that all the countries - not just us, Canada and some of Europe had the blessings that we do.

BTW I am on \"free\" meds and will get all the scripts filled before the end of the month.....LOL

I love this-a journal of thanks! I do think of what I have, am grateful for what I have. One of these days would love to come meet you see your country..HUGS

I think it is wonderful that you have all these things where you live. I always say it was best that my brother and family live over there. Hugs xx