Getting better..

Well, venting yesterday worked... I picked up the want ads yesterday, laughing to myself that it would be cool if there was a job opening with the real estate association... and there IS.   But it won't work for me - it's only 20 hours a week.   But it got me checking further... I also found another office in the area that is doing licensing classes and THIS one is doing them ONLINE.   So, I am going to get the ball rolling this week!
And court turned out fine - the person denying the claim didn't show so it was a quick 5 minute hearing and it was 44 degrees outside, so the drive to and from the Deadwood courthouse was nice.   Afterward I took my FULL lunch hour - punched in and out so it couldn't be "adjusted" and took the dogs to the dog park to play with another doggie friend.   The owner of that dog is a friend of my x's.   I think he has questions, but has a really hard time speaking (he has a speech disability), so I think next time I see him I'll let him know it's ok to ask.
And so, things are getting better and I'm beginning to move FORWARD!    Later!



So good to hear you are moving forward! I never had any doubts! That will be so cool if you can do your Real Estate classes online. Can\'t wait to hear what they are like. (((HUGS)))