Ok, this is my 2nd entry, this is like day 4 or something.
Im really enjoying this website, the people here are very encouraging. More than my  family has been. That's for sure! Through this, I've found a sound pillow that looks promising. Perhaps through my disability program they can get me one of these.  ???
Cody, my 3rd son came by to see me today. that was really nice. He's moving and he wanted to leave his guitars and stuff with me for safe keeping until he's all moved.  Cool, I'm really stoked to think that he considers me a safe place!  It turns out the the new bass he got is the exact same one as mine! Mine is Red and his is Black. 
In this picture you can see my red Bass as well as my Black Trombone.

So that was today, I did go back and fixed up my scores on Angry Birds. I now have all 2 or 3 stars all the way through level 3. No 1 stars at all!   I like that.  I'll go back and fix all the 2 stars next.  Whist we wait for the next level to be developed.....  angry birds.  What have I become?