Back to work today and i feel quite tired so im going to bed soon. Ive had what i would call a good eating day. A few carrot sticks, slice of cheese, piece of french stick bread and some granola cake (bad bad bad) so not too bad all topped of with laxatives 30 of them confused coz it feels right but i no its not. Anyway about a month ago my stupid sister came to stay. Today i found out from my mum that whilst she was here she stole some of my laxatives and took them home with her. i dont think she has taken them but my mum found them the other day and asked what they were. My sister knowing that i take them and that my mum knows i take them told her that i had bought them for her and given them to her!!!! YEAH RIGHT i may have done some dumb things in my time but ive never done anything like that and never would. I dont think she would take them i think she just wanted a bit of attention. She wants to be me! everytime she gets 'caught' or in trouble she always seems to be able to bring it back to me even though i live 90miles away!!!