seriously proper not right. Its midnight and i cant sleep even tho im exhausted because i feel sick and my head is spinning. my body keeps doing weird things - its not really fitting coz im aware that its happening but its a bit more than shaking. I feel really restless and maybe if i cried it would help get rid of it all. i think im slowly going crazy. Im scared of every noise in the house and dont want to turn my light out. im not usually scared of the dark and i hardly ever keep my light on but i need to keep aware 2nite coz things arent right how they should be. it might be safer to leave just take my pillow and covers and go away in my car so i dont get caught. i need to go lock my bedroom door if i stay in the house i dont want anyone to get in. maybe i should hide on my trampoline and zip the net down then ill be sourronded. i shouldnt be here i just want to sleep but im going crazy if i go away to somewhere i dont even no then no one will find me. theres people coming