Very Happy it is the weekend and I do not have to workfor 3 days!!! This last week was hard to get through!!!We have had snowstorm after snowstorm in Torontowhere I live. The zipper in one of the boots I like to wear broke and I started to wear shoes at the beginning of the week.Thank Goodness I saw reason and started to wear someother boots I have, they helped me travel throughout theweek!!! Relationships with others.I have had a better week with the people in my life!!! I thinkit is because I re instated the process of slowing down mythinking, interpreting and reacting to people and situations.This process real helps a lot because when I pause evenfor 5 secs (perferablly 10 secs or more) between the timesomeone says something to me or a situation happens that  usual gets a rise out of me and the time I react to what was done  or said I have a chance to re interpret things in a moreneutral or positive light. Then I have a chance to control the way I react maybe not such a negative way.Using this process when relating to people this week has resulted inmore positive encounters and many more of  self restraint of my wordsand more encounters of live and let live.Let's see if I can keep it up!!!