Well, seems like I have been very lacking on my journal entry lately.  I have tried to keep up with reading others and commenting and hugging but just haven't neglected to write anything.  Things have smoothed out with my daughter-in-law and me.  I still am very cautious though because you never know when the tide might turn.  My second granddaughter turned 11 on April 7th.  It was her first birthday without her Daddy so Amy really went overboard trying to make it special for her.  I spent from 3:30p Friday until midnight helping Amy with bowling, pizza for 15 girls and a sleepover for 7!!!!  I raised two boys and while I do fine with my two granddaughters, I am just not a girly person.  Saturday we had her party for the family then Amy and the boyfriend had errands to do so I cleaned up the mess from the Friday night and Saturday parties and watched the kids until just after 10:00p.  I ended up bringing my two grandsons home to spend the night with me and go to church this morning.  I sing so I have to be at church at 7:45a to practice and Isaiah and I just couldn't sleep last night.  We've come home, fixed lunch, eaten and I think I might just try to sit down and relax for about an hour or so before I have to take then home and go to home group tonight at 6:30p.  I reckon if I stay on the go it keeps me from sitting and dwelling on things that I cannot fix or change. I hope you are all well and I want you to know just how very precious you all are to me.  I don't know how I would have made it without your love and encouragment.  I believe God directed each one of us here, knowing that we all needed help.  I continue to pray daily for our strength, comfort and peace.  My desire is to be able to take the experience of this horrible loss and help others going through the same experience in any way that I can.  I believe that by being helpful to others, we honor our children's lives. I love you all and send you warm hugs from my heart to yours...Lynn