The family is doing about as well as can be expected. My daughter's been stressed as she has had to manage getting the logistics of traveling and communicating with the family, including a rental car I offered to pay for, since I’m not comfortable with the other car, which recently sustained damage to the passenger door and not functioning.
I’m not superstitious, but lately it’s been one thing after another in her family. Like spending a frantic and nerve racking ½ hour looking for their 10 yo moderately autistic son, who’d gotten out of the house and road his bike to the library ½ mile away (and found it closed) and back to the nearby local park, which encompasses 6 city blocks, where they thought he’d be at, but did come back to, where they finally found him, after looping back.  She drove by my house a ½ mile in another direction, where he might have stopped in, as I always offer them soft drinks when they come over and he’s gotten comfortable around the dogs and asks to go see them and me. Something they don’t get at home often. Unfortunately I wasn’t home and out cruising the neighborhood with the dogs hanging out the windows, just to get out of the house, even if it’s a hot and humid day. I have central AC at home, so I can deal with it for a short amount of time.  
Don’t ever say, “Things couldn’t get worse!” Don’t challenge “worse”; he hates that. “Worse”, you calling me? Not a happy bedfellow. As fate would have it, I told her to rent a mid-sized car, so everyone had enough room for the 7 hr trip, but one wasn’t available when she went to pick it up this morning, so they upgraded (free) her to a larger luxury car, which provides even more protection in the event of an accident occurring.
Being used to her little Toyota Echo I gave her five years ago, she’s a bit nervous driving something much bigger, but she’ll adjust, I’m sure. To me it’s a small price to pay, for peace of mind, when you feel that something just isn’t right and something can be done about it in advance to improve the outcome. The last thing I need is to loose anyone else in my life right now! I’m enjoying a relatively quiet and stress free period and doing what I can to keep it that way. But life is what happens, while you’re busy making other plans! Roll with the punches…
My beloved late mother in her late 70’s at the time, told me you never quit worrying or being concerned about your kids. That kind of threw me, as I figured she’d raised us to be independent and self sufficient, with the exception of one sister who is so passive-aggressive it makes me sick. So why worry? NOW that I do have an adult child in her 30’s, I more fully appreciate what she was saying. Anyone on here in that situation can no doubt agree with that!