18 is just legally stupid

OK, now I have this all figured out.......the country can ship our guys/gals out to war at 18 (legally stupid means they can be bound legally for what they do they just have not developed the brains not to do it), but won't let them drink until 21.  They also can smoke at 18 (see 1st response to war).   It has been proven repeatedly that the frontal lobe of the brain (decision area) doesn't fully develop until 25 yrs.  SO WHY DO THEY GET ANYTHING, driver's license, tobacco, liquor, etc. before then????  Again, our government's duh as a way to make a quick buck or two at the citizen's & parents expense.   This is probably the leading reason parents need Prozac and other anti-depressants or nerve meds as we are stressed to the hills with our 18+ out there making life decisions and they can't think farther than a fart in a whirlwind. I'm amazed..... I keep telling my oldest (now 21) that if they would let me have total control of the country for 6 months, I could balance the budget and fix everything. He informed me that was dictatorship and I told him it wasn't since I was right and knew what I was doing as opposed to the politicians who are worried about votes not issues. BUT HERE's a cute one....my youngest who is 11 was probably 9 or 10 at the time and he feels that everyone needs to learn to share and that would solve all the problems.  Oldest son cracked up as he whispered to me "Mom, does he understand that is the concept of Communism?"  I told him "No, he just knows it works in school to be nice & share."  Hmmmm, maybe it's true.....from the mouth of babes...... Hugs.