i cant believe how f'n bored i am today.  i dont even have the energy to go for a walk.  its aweful. i made it through yesterday without a drink and i am now on day 20.  i guess i am just having one of those days.  i feel anxious and stressed and really have no reason to be.  i am edgy and restless yet i feel to tired to do anything.  i hate this.  this is when i would normally pour myself a drink but i cant do that now.  you would think after almost 3 weeks of sobriety i would feel great you know but damnit i am still f'n tired all the time and i still get anxious and restless.  the worst is the boredom and i cant understand why now and not when i was drinking??? i almost feel like i am starting to think clearer yet everything is still so messed up in my head.  what am i supposed to be doing?  i feel like i lost my life somewhere down the line and who i was and i am having a hard time finding me again.  i still feel so depressed even with the zoloft and the is discouraging for me.  i guess to day is my day to whine and feel sorry for myself lol although i am thankful everyday i wake up without a hangover and able to get out of bed."don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do."  i suppose i should keep looking at this and realize just because i cant drink doesnt mean i have to stop living.  its just hard to get started again i suppose when i am not sure who i am anymore.  its been such a long time. dragonfly