Its really been a great day. Nothing Earth shattering happened..just so grateful for what I DO have.  Alanon has given me this gift.  My sponsor always says to start and end my day with a gratitude list. I usually dont write it here, but here it goes. Today im really blessed with some fantastic people
I grateful for....
-my beautiful son. He is the light of my life
-I heard from J today... Im so grateful for a wonderful, communicative, loving man in my life.  And email!!!!!!  I love that he can share everything and anything with me.
-Being able to give back to someone who has helped me heal so much. John. my wonderful shaman friend.  Im able to help some friends put on a benefit for his behalf. This seems so small in comparison to what he has done for me. Im hearing him in my mind right now talking about the laws of reciprocity and the shamanic way of his people.  I love that guy...i am blessed and honored to have him as a guide.
-My teachers and guides.  My Reiki people, Arthur, who has taught me so much, my trainer for pushing my limits, my wonderful friends and family.  my DS family.  My alanon sponsor and home group.
-Having the opportunity to share here. To vent, to write, to communicate, to share thoughts, ideas, fears with some fantastic people
-A beautiful home to live in, cooking in my kitchen
-The opportunity to keep doing my work and walk my path
-The VA for allowing me to share in the lives of others there and work with patients
- My Jeep for behaving today.
-Modern Technology.  Im in love with my new Kindle!  lol