just an update

So, I still have not heard anything back from my ex husband. He is back int he states on leave.  One would think that he would call his son when he arrived home.  No phone call, just ridiculous text messages to me. I need to put this into perspective. He is limited in his capabilities and just need to turn it over.  
Jax was invited to go camping with his best friend this weekend.   He left yesterday morning and will be back on Sunday. He is having the time of his life fishing, kayaking and even went cliff diving last night.  A silverlining...we are blessed with great friends who love my son as their own.  Being that he is an only child it is so good for him to camping with his best buddy and his family...to be able to share that with others is a gift.  He goes on this trip every year, and they have another one planned for late August.
i had to work this morning at the VA.  They have a new ID card system, so i had to get a new one today.  It was somewhat bittersweet..and my new VA card looks just like the CAC cards they use for soldiers and military civilian employees.  Looks just like my old ID card...and it made me miss my old job and work.  Not that my work isnt rewarding now..its just not the same.  Then it reminded me of Jay.  I havent heard from him in over a week..and that always concerns me. The last email i got from him he was talking about how one of the locals threw a grenade early in the morning over the wall and it blasted off about 70 ft from where he was walking.  It landed near where his truck is parked along the connex wall.  Thats all he said about that one..havent heard from him since.. While it makes me nervous, i know he is well trained and will be just fine. I just need to keep the faith, just wish the time would fly faster so that he will be back home. All is fair in love and war?    Who the hell came up with that one.
So....we will see if my ex calls back...he only wants Jax for 4 days, 5 tops and that is quite alright with me..IF he decides to drive.  I understand him not want to, but wow...
Im off for the rest of the day and basking in the hot sun with my laptop to catch up.  i will hit the boxing gym tonight and sleep like a baby. Life is not so bad...but I sure do miss my boys.