Today is the homecomming dance. and Im not going. I should be there with my friends but I don't know why I have been avoiding them lately. I am so lost. I am so stirred up in my parents divorce that I haven't been able to think of myself. Writing these journals really help me focus on my problems. They give me a perspective of what people who read them would think about my situation. Tonight is definatly not the kind of night I like. Being home alone is really tough. While my friends are out having fun im sitting here trying to piece my life up. Everyday Ill wake up to the same sunrise though, wondering if the day is going to be any different than the day before. I have no idea where Im going to end up, I have no clue where to even go. Im trying to be self sufficient but it's hard when I don't have any help. I hate to spend my life like this. Thats the way it goes though, Hopefully this isn't how I live my life the rest of the way.