It's been a while so here goes.  Work has had some pretty strange hours.  Mostly day times but there has been a few late nighters too.  A few weeks ago I got run down and got a cold from swithing between both schedules. I've had a blast and have gotten to travel around the North West a bit.  AT&T has finished upgrading their market in this area so I won't be hearing from them for a while.  Sprint still has a lot of work to do still, and that will take us into June. New Cell data technology is just around the corner and some of this will start all over again :))), new technology means job security. Eah and I just took our first spring walk down by the river, I'll post some pictures and videos of that.  Spring...ya just gotta love it.  New life, new beginnins, new everything.  Hope you enjoy the pictures. -G