Here I am to bed at 3.30...was up again by 5.10...

Gorgeous day yesterday.  Sun was shining, quite mild for the time of year really.  Got up late and had lunch on the balcony in the suntrap...almost felt like summer!!  My mum was in full on cleaning mode - furniture was moved out and everything.  Had a couple of texts from Bert banging on about the darts on the telly (what is it about the Dutch and darts?!) and then decided to go through all my clothes and chuck a few bits out.  Only the manky stuff mind, the 'so small you'll never ever stand a chance of fitting' stuff went back in the drawer, just in case...  Had a little siesta, as you do, and then we got ready to go round to Bert's bar for birthday drinks.  Quite a few there.  Left at 11.30 and walked to Pizza City (class all the way!) to get some take out.  Carried it home and ate.  Half of it anyway.  I guess the rest will be tomorrow's lunch.


I'm having a bit of a weepy time every so often.  It's funny because most of my memories of Gareth are happy ones.  So why do they make me cry?! 








Why does everything happen at once?  Do I come to work out here in the summer?  Do I have anything going on back at home?  Dilemma, dilemma, dilemma!  If I do come and work, what do I do?  Get back into Rep mode I suppose.  Involves smiling at stupid people in a sincere way which could be quite a challenge after all this time.  Still, will see what the rest of this month brings and then I'll have to make a decision. 

 Am I supposed to be doing anything this morning?  I can't remember.  Maybe.  Nothing too taxing though I guess, might involve a walk into town or to Carrefour...whoopy do!!