Last night

I am indeed lucky and blessed in my friends. A couple we went to Australia and New Zealand with called me for dinner and a movie last night. It was my first venture out with a couple. What probably made it better were the facts that the man had lost his older brother very suddenly to murder, and the woman had lost an older sister due to a car accident. So they are no strangers to griief and we were able to talk comfortably about James. Refreshing! Still, I don't want my conversations to be all about me and my feelings. It is too musch for people to take for very long. Still, it went well. I felt sad as we drove home.  
I am looking for a small truck so I can give my car to my stepdaughter who needs one. Perhaps I'll do that today. On Friday I met the replacement for my job. She is great! I really worried about leaving at the end of third quarter but now I think the kids and the school will be better off. She is young, enthusiastic and talented! It goes to show that when you do what is right for you, you do what is right for everyone around you. Just two more weeks! I am so relieved. I hate doing a bad job and that is what it has been. They also get mad if you call in sick so I saw no other way out. I know many of you are struggling with much worse problems. I don't know how you do it. 
I got my taxes done yesterday. It was a relief to have it done although forking over 2000 bucks was not so great.
I have never quit anything early and I am surprised that I did this. I feel like a weakling but I do think it will be best for all. Must get some health insurance!
I am scared but wil try to trust God for the answers day by day.
I'm grateful for:
friends who understand
plans for day (grocery shopping, visit in-laws, school work)
sufficient $ for now
my replacement at work
my darling is well and happy