I'm so tired of being alone, how hard is it to find someone who likes being around me and enjoys my company, who thinks i'm pretty and that i'm funny or even smart?
I'm so lonely all the time and even when i'm spending time with my friend i'm a third wheel since she lives with her boyfriend. I used to think it was because i idiolised love and what i thought it should be, that because of that i put so much pressure and had such high expectations for my last relationship that it inevtiably crashed and burned to the ground.
I know i dont make much of an effort to make new friends but i have done and i just ended up hurt, is it so bad that i dont want to be hurt again?
The only person in my area who has showed the slightest interest in me since i became single is in a long term relationship and currently living with his girlfriend who i used to be good friends with, other than him the only people who have shown any interest live miles away.
I'm not a bad person, i've made my mistakes and like anyone else i have learned from them, i've grown and matured and really come into my own as a young woman. I have ambitions and opinions, i'm strong and kind and i have always made sure that my friends and family know that i am always going to be there for them if they need me.
So why is it so difficult to find someone who is willing to appreciate me and who i am?