I'm a little sad this morning. I had convinced myself I was pregnant and a hpt told me I'm not, just late for my period. Oh well there's always next month I tell myself, but inside I am a bit sad, I thought this was my time, but it seems it wasn't. I go back to the ob/gyn in March for the results of tests and to determine whether or not we qualify for fertility treatment.  Other than my little blip in not being pregnant today is ok. I don't have much planned, my son is home from school sick, the painters are here inmy kitchen and bathroom, and I have to get ready for a pdoc appointment tomorrow. I have so many racing thoughts in my head (think one of those commercials with the small print along the bottom) that I can't sift through them enough to decide which are worth writing down for tomorrow and which ones are just 'normal' thoughts.  Its 11am and I still haven't smoked :0)