Well I wasn't too sure about joining a support group for this disease but I figured maybe one day it would be a good thing.
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2003 after months of pain, bleeding and weightloss. I hid it from my family for a long time because I was scared that it was something serious (I know, but I was 14!) and if I told someone it would make it real. And, as much as I know BM's are a part of life, when you're bleeding and in the bathroom 3 or more times a day it's not really something you want to talk to someone about.
So I was finally dragged to my doctor after passing out at school. It took two months to diagnose but they finally diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis. I consider myself lucky becauseĀ I never had to go through any surgery's or a bunch of different medications. I am taking Asacol, it was the medication they started me on and it's still working fine for me. The only time I get a flare is when I am not taking my medication regularily and when I get a virus that is more than just a cold. It hits fast and stays for a while. But this last flare was caused by my birth control pill, Yaz. It has taken nearly a month to recover but I'm finally seeing signs of it ending! Without having to take Prednisone.
Anyways, I suppose I'm just writing for myself. No one other than my family and my boyfriend even know about my disease. It's not something that I discuss with other people as I still find it quite embarrassing.