I relapsed onto the glue. But only one tube. Been doing alright thought, lots of appointments. I stopped taking my pills and had nightmares last night. A girl i was getting to know rejected me, she went to japan and when she came back didnt want to know me so I told her where to shove it. She wanted me to be depressed with her and all dark, and I kept telling her to change her appetitie and sleep frequently and she would feel a lto better, I guess she didnt want to get better. I went to donate blood but my iron count was too low and so she sent me packing. she asked if I had breakfast and I lied. All Ive ad is watermelon and diet coke for 2 days. so Its back again, and they canceled my eating apointment and moved it back to next month. Oh dear.



One slip isn\'t a big deal.....don\'t make it into a habit.

You need to stick with the pills if they are from your doctor.
And your friend wasn\'t much of a friend if she didn\'t want you to get better either. I know it is hard to lose someone, but someone that will drag you down isn\'t for you.

Food is good for you....quit starving yourself.