I might be pregnant. He told me it was safe and he knew when to withdraw. but theres always a but because Ive been talking to another guy friend about what happened. I only had sex with the guy to makek him happier. and he said to me "You do know how to make me feel very happy". FFFFFFFFFFF I was crying during it and we had the liights off for the the three times it happpned. so Im thinking what the fuck. And my dad is screaming ym name. that fucking bothers me you know, he yells my name like im some fucking slave to come at his call. Yes I heard you dad, you bastard stop shouting my name. come and talk to me you coward. you baastard. I regret calling the hospital and saying we might try get my parents involved. ffff I am so angry. I cant get this aNGER from me. I cant do anything right. I want to stab them all andfffffff just stop this anger taking me away now.



First of all most guys will tell you anything you want to hear to get sex. It doesn\'t matter the guy and how sweet he may be....it is usually the case.
If I was there I would beat the crap out of the bastard for treating you that way. You are at fault also for not using protection.......but if you were crying he should not have done anything.....that is why I would beat him.

You have a tough decision to make.....do you keep the baby? You are young and a baby will change your life more than you know. I know most people wouldn\'t think about terminating a pregnancy, but you have to consider what is right for you.

No stabbing......I don\'t want you in jail.

One day soon you will be out of school and out of that house.......the time will come.