I'll do anything to not have to go to school tomorow. I know I have to go really but I don't want to. It's a waste of time. I got a birthday present from my sister today..I like it..it's a hoodie thing but it's black with longsleeves..She knows about the cutting so I guess she planned ahead. I'm dreading school. Freaking boys think it's okay what they do to me. Like oneof them said to me the other day "Do you still go out with vicky?" and I said no... so he goes "who dumped who?" I just started walking off and he yelled out "better not have broken her heart, Vicky is my friend" Ugh she isn't his friend because that guy was one of the main ones harrassing us when we first went out. And two, Vicky STILL hasn't talked let alone looked at me in like 4 months...Sigh. Iunno what to do about it. It just seems that there must be somthing better to happen then getting up doing the same thing everyday. I'm not gunna sleep again tonight. :(