Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm so angry with myself. I've got the morning off school because I told mom I feel blocked up. Anyway, I really need some help..What I done was had a shower and looked at my chest..I hate them. I guess I can deal with my body just NOT my breasts. They arn't overly large or whatever but I hate them so much. I've already experiemented with binding, mostl;y wearing tps 3 sizes too small..but I've got bandages now and I tried it today. I first did it with a short thin bandage and it worked and I tried to get ther little bulges smooth and whatever. I then put my uniform blousetie and wollen jersey over and was paranoid..sure, my chest looks flat enough for my liking and the tightness felt so comforting but I couldnt wear it..I then got a longer thicker width bandage and tried again..I doubled a boob tube top I have and fitted it over the bandage and it looked better..they still looked out of prportion kindof. Anyone please help me with this..tell me how to do it right so that no one can tell..I really want them to look flat. :(