better day

Today I was feeling a bit better. Last night went totally psychotic and had to take klonopin. I was talking to my sister who is a social worker, and she was wondering why klonopin takes away my psychotic symptoms. Klonopin is a benzodiazapine, not an antipsychotic. I'm sure my friend Vita would cringe at the thought of me taking more klonopin (it literally ruined her life- there are some days she can't even walk to the kitchen because of it)... it's something I will have to talk to my new pdoc about. I might have had a seizure last night, I don't know. My face was spasming pretty bad and it was really hard to talk. There was no apparent cause for the spasms, and I haven't changed meds. One more thing I have to talk to the pdoc about when I get disability.