Driving down to LA today I took the mountain route over to Santa Barbara.  The wild flowers are in bloom - colors of lavender, yellow, rose, red, white were all sprinkled along the hills.  The hills look carved with deep green crevices and were chartruese where the sun hits.  There is a huge, deep blue lake right in the middle of this route.  Going over the hills I remembered a friend I had when I lived in Santa Barbara.  She wanted to take me to Zacha Lake one time - she was very excited.  Well - bless her heart - the "lake" was a green swampy thing, with misquitoes everywhere, and when we went into the water little somethings would nibble at our toes but we couldn't see what it was because of the green goo in the water.  The air was dead and it was at least 100 degrees.  She kept looking at me with a big smile, nodding - as if to say "see - isn't this great?" I didn't have the heart to tell her. night night