See?  He is always grinning - my little grand son.  He's one very happy baby.  His father was the same way when he was this age - never a bad moment - just grinned, laughed - even belly laughed when he was all alone.  He was too young to be telling himself jokes but he would lay in his crib - for a nap - and I'd hear him laughing out loud - at what I don't know...lolol  that was a fun time. I spent Sunday at my son's house - it was a good day.  I do love my little Chloe - and she loves her Nanna.   We all took a walk and Chloe wore a large dog leash as a wrap of sorts - damn I wish I'd taken a picture of that.  She draped an extra large leash over her shoulders and then around and around her neck - it looked a little scary but she was feeling quite stylish.  She has learned to do some sort of hard rock dancing - it is a hoot to watch. So - it was a good visit.  I hope everyone has a good week - I hope I do to:)