A two-day storm put this "quaint" little town into a blackoout for awhile.  I do have a lot of QVC light-up things to carry around but I never get used to the quiet sound of a blackout.  Storms scare Heinze and he hides in my closet - bless his little heart.     The Oscars are tonight!!!  I always forget to watch the Oscars - spending huge amounts of time in AA meetings in the West Los Angeles area put a stop to my being star struck - they're at every meeting you go to in that town.  The things I wish I'd done - get my bachelor's degree - go to law school - save John.  I didn't do any of these but God knows I've done more than I had expected to.  Some people think higher education means they are superior human beings in all respects - I might carry that in the back of my head too.  I need to delete that thought. Don't you just love it that people are actually interested in you enough to actually read about your daily life? I used to think I was a totally boring, incompetent person - HA!!  Take that Mommy Dearest!  I'm not boring or incompetent.   Thank you for letting me know that the funny, interesting and strong LindaJean is still alive and well - talk about good friends!  Isn't it amazng what love, concern and caring can do for us - that's really all that any of us ever needed. Have a wonderful Sunday - enjoy the Oscars!!