Hi guys sorry not put an entry in not been so good today got train home and had sum man hearl homophobic abuse at me saying i sud be ashamed of what iam and my mum sud of drown me at birth it made me feel so fucking worthless and shitty i feel so shit about my self i am on the verge of slitting my wrist and ending it everythig is so fucked up at the monet i think my bf i cheating but wont bring up incase of a agument and that happen i knwo for for sure i will end up taking an overdose iam so scared of anyting as if sumthing babd happens now its just pushing me closer and closer to the edge i am drink shit loasds to numb the pain the only gud thing is i have not cut YET well ther is my moan over i th8ink i will be cancelling my ds accont as all i do is complain about shit and i know everyone has there own shit to sort out and does not wnat to be worrying about a sad little puff who cant handle life OHHHH FUCKING HELLĀ  i am so angey goodbye