Hi again everyone. In my last journal entry I told you all a few of the ways Ive been trying to cope with my latest bout of depression. WEll, I took some pictures of the paintings Ive been doing. I want to share them all with you guys. (Thank you Unreachable for the idea) Here they are. Starting from far left... The one far left is a water color done on a regular piece of 8.5 x 11 piece of computer paper. Sketched in pencil, colored in with watercolors. Middle.. This is a full sized poster board done with markers, colored pencils, and cotton ball clouds. The far right is done on a half poster with water colors. Cotton ball clouds again accent this picture. This piece took me 7 hours from start to complete. Each piece was a minimum of 4 hours.  Ok ok, so I am a little proud of them. They're really all I have right now to show. All of these are going to be put up in my fathers room for decoration because at the moment all he has in there is blue walls and a bed. I need some ideas though guys.. He doesnt have any closet doors, and I would like to give him SOMETHING for added privacy. Maybe theres a VERY cheap way to make him some curtains? Or REALLY cheap alternatives? WEll, here they are, I'm shutting up now. LEt me know ok? Any and all ideas are welcome.