Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last night I was called an angel. Thanks to humility, I cannot agree with that. I did last night, what I thought to be the right thing to do for my friend. If that's what it takes to be an angel, then so be it. Is kindness so rare now that a simple act is considered above average? Sad thought huh? Anyways, Im on here to say that justmeHMH isnt the only one who benefitted from last night. I did as well. I feel stronger than ever today, and it's because I helped her. BEcause I was able to get her to open up to me, even when she's been so scared, and in pain. Its because of her, I have prayed harder than I ever have last night, and woke up feeling the benefits of it. I asked God to take her close to him, and fill her with the happiness he knows she deserves. But now I know that psycology is right for me. There is no mistaking it. So please, I ask for what help you guys can give me to push me towards my goal, but to also look inside yourself for your strength, courage, your fighting spirit, and most of all our Lord God, and with those things, you can overcome ANYTHING! May God Bless, and be with you all.